Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Lessons on a train!

Where I learn.

I recently tweeted that I learn (or am reminded of) a lot, from a HR perspective, on trains. 

The train often provides a contained, out-of-office, legit' in-company-time place for colleagues to talk about issues (assuming their boss isn't travelling with them!)... Good and bad.

Have you, like me, ever found yourself accidentally tuning in a conversation between work colleagues? I don't mean to be nosey but it can be fascinating!

Yesterday travelling back from Leeds I was reminded of a key aspect of employee reward/recognition, based on a gentleman telling his colleague about being 'rewarded' at work.

He'd been chosen for a company award for going the extra mile and being a great team player (apparently!) 

His reward: A meal with other high fliers and his MD.

His response: "I'd rather be in the pub with you lot" (his colleagues).

He told his colleagues that he'd politely declined the invite, making something up to avoid going. He said he was grateful, but it wasn't 'his thing'. "Can you imagine?!" he asked them. They nodded, laughed and moved on to talking about sales. So here's the thing:

The plus: The company had obviously done a good thing in recognising his contribution but... 

... The problem: They'd got it wrong when it came to HOW to recognise it. This team player was being rewarded as an individual. And not as he would have chosen. Oops!

The lesson on the train - If you're going to truly reward an employee, make sure it's what they see as such!

What have you heard or discussed on a train recently, and did it teach/remind you of anything?

Thanks for reading!
Denise x

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PS - This may become a bit of a feature, so apologies in advance if you ever find yourself sitting next to me on a train!