Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Profiling - what colour, animal, letters are you?...


...And do you buy it?

At a recent event (#cipdnap15) I was fortunate enough to hear Nigel Risner speak, in part, on the subject of four zoo animals and the need to be a zoo-keeper-style-communicator!

Today I was giving feedback to recruitment candidates using Thomas International tools, a tool I've used over a number of years.

Tonight, this blog seemed obvious!

Categorising individuals and profiling tools get a mixed reception. A senior manager I spoke to recently didn't feel that they were helpful in telling her anything that she couldn't identify herself stating "I've think got pretty good judgement" (meaning I don't need them!)

But whatever you think of them they've been around for a while and I can't see them disappearing from HR use completely.

They provide a more 'scientific' perspective on recruitment, self awareness, development, providing feedback etc compared to our (often biased) human thinking and perceptions. And, in recruitment for example, what one person perceives as good judgement in an appointment is another person's lack of!

Whether a complex system (like Myers-Briggs) or a simple system (like a style personality questionnaire), I'm personally very taken with profiling tools. In my opinion, it's about how you use them, what you combine them with to make decisions and giving people a chance to respond to what they are indicating.

I am under no illusion that they have their limitations but as a conversation starter, I think they are really useful and I can honestly say I've never had anyone suggest that they've been wholly inaccurate when I've provided feedback (excluding my personal denial of the truth some years ago when a profile suggested that I'm talkative!)

What's your view, and what tools do you use when and why?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your views,

PS - In case you're wondering profiles have previously indicated that I'm essentially an influential and extroverted monkey who sits in the hub looking dramatic in a classic fashion!

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