Monday, 13 April 2015

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A picture of...

I attended an event this weekend, the theme of which was 'balance'. I often think and present in terms of imagery and stories, so immediately this theme has me thinking of old style weighing 'scales'.

I was presenting with my image coach hat on, but at work this morning it struck me that scales are the perfect visual to describe the role of HR too.

We're often the pivot/beam between employees and the organisation (recognising that they are part of the same but sometimes, sadly, not on the same page) and our roles often swing between helping to make people happy (eg employee engagement) and dealing with the unhappy (eg grievance)

Also, if you search for 'scales' online, you get a range of images from fish to weighing equipment - representing in my mind, our versatility (and possibly in the mind of others differing levels of usefulness)!

The fact that 'scales' often represents justice also sits quite well.

My other option of a visual was of a pig, as in 'piggy in the middle' but I'm sure you'll agree this didn't seem quite as professional or flattering!

What image would you use to represent HR?

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