Tuesday, 23 July 2013

How to max your Comms... Press-style!

Firstly, Congratulations William and Catherine - and then onto the press who managed to eek out every inch of story linked to the pregnancy!

I don't often find much to learn from how the press handles itself, but here are a few pointers this time:
  1. Find the story USP - let's face it, women give birth everyday... but this IS a ROYAL baby!
  2. Start or hint at the story as early as possible... 
  3. ...Then build on it and keep it alive and current.
  4. Use various (all!) social media platforms - not just to put your story out there, but to check the response to it
  5. Engage as many (relevant) people as possible, and...
  6. ... Tell the story in real time, considerate of the players involved in the now - but throw in a bit (just a bit) of history, and predict a little (be careful here) of the future.
  7. Know your audience and then tailor your pitch and language to them.
  8. So there are always some down-sides, but focus on the positives, and...
  9. ...Talk about the 'what's in it for me' - in this case, the positivity in the country and possible rise in tourism -> improved economy
  10. Link positive stories to 'real' messages - for example, this story has lead to talk about babies born in poverty, general child welface and medical conditions.

Then, not that this is going to happen in this case - know when to move on. Zara over to you!

Footnote: Your communications will not please everyone but you should still communicate anyway.

Have I missed anything?!


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